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Membership / Categories
Emerging Managers
  • Associate. This category is specifically for those who have a strong interest in health management, but may not have the specific qualifications or type of experience specified in the other membership categories. This category is ideal for legal professionals, engineers or architects who have a specific interest in healthcare leadership. Members in the “Associate” category do not have HKCHSE voting rights.
  • Also available to students undertaking an approved graduate or undergraduate or vocational course of study in health management stream, and are yet to embark on a full-time adult life career.

Established Managers
  • Associate Fellow. You must have satisfactory completed a recognized qualification in health management approved by the Board and have been in a health management position or have been a full time health management academic for at least one year. Members in the “Associate Fellow” category have HKCHSE voting rights

Experienced Managers
  • Fellow. This is the highest membership category awarded in the College.
  • Candidates are expected to participate in most of the study group meetings as part of the Fellowship program. Members in the “Fellow” category have HKCHSE voting rights.