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Briefing on the Dual Fellowship Program for HKCHSE & ACHSM 2018 - 2019

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What the Dual Fellowship signifies:
  • The highest status for regular members of the two Colleges
  • A recognition for having gone through a stringent process of professional training and fulfilling all the requirements as stipulated in the Dual Fellowship Program
  • A commitment to contributing to the development of healthcare managers and executives into a significant and respectable profession within the healthcare industry
  • A set of commensurate attributes possessed by the title bearer as expected for a seasoned executive/leader, and explicitly stipulated in the ACHSM competence framework for health service executives
Special features of the Program
  • It is not restricted to specific professions such as doctors or nurses
  • Involves candidates from different healthcare-related services or industries across both private, public and NGO sectors
  • A tightly packed program covering 16 major healthcare topics in line with the Health Executive Competence Framework of the ACHSM within a timeframe of 10 months
  • Adoption of adult learning principles which emphasize on active and non-threatening interactions among candidates and instructors on equal footings
  • A highly cost-effective program: one program targeting at two fellowships of Hong Kong and Australasia Colleges
Pre-requisites for Joining the Program
  • Accepted as a dual associate fellow of HKCHSE and ACHSM
  • Fulfilled the screening requirements for the fellowship program
  • Committed to facing squarely all the challenges of the program
  • Paid the program fee (HK$44,000 for 2018/19 tentatively) which is non-refundable and includes subsidy for registration fees for the 2018 National Congress of the ACHSM capped at HK$6,000 tentatively and all the expenses related to the HKCHSE Fellowship conferment ceremony
  • (Fees for 2019 Annual Conference/Dinner of the HKCHSE is not included)
The Ten Commandments for Candidates
  1. Observe the program schedule
  2. Be punctual for all sessions
  3. Respect other candidates by paying attention to their presentations
  4. Submit assignments on time
  5. Treat the program seriously by studying hard
  6. Do not practice any form of plagiarism
  7. Actively participate in discussions
  8. Be yourself when giving views and opinions
  9. Value and communicate with your mentor
  10. Treat other candidates as teammates
Goals of the Fellowship Program
After the program you are expected to have:
  1. Broadened your horizon to a global and strategic level beyond your existing position or profession
  2. Added new perspectives for healthcare issues
  3. Sharpened your analytical skill in analyzing and solving management problems in a systems approach
  4. Enriched your knowledge and competence on healthcare management and leadership with reference to the Health Service Executive Competence Framework
  5. Built new personal networks
What the Fellowship Program is not:
  • A post-graduate degree
  • A quotable qualification for doctors
  • A guarantee for career advancement
  • A social gathering for fun
  • A piece of cake which can be handled with ease
  • A one-night stand with the College
The Fellowship Program
Covers 5 Domains of the Health Executive
Competence Framework:
  1. Leadership
  2. Communication and Relationship Management
  3. Professional and Social Responsibility
  4. Health and the Healthcare Environment
  5. Business related skills
The 16 Topics for the Program (1/2)
  • Comparative Healthcare Systems including Financing Models
  • Health Politics, Policies and Healthcare Reforms
  • Megatrends and Innovations in Care Delivery for Healthcare
  • Health Economics and Services Prioritization
  • Strategic, Service and Annual Planning for Healthcare
  • Financial Management for Health Executives
  • Human Resources Management and Workforce Planning for Healthcare
  • Corporate and Clinical Governance
  • Use of ICT technology, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet-of-Things and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
The 16 Topics for the Program (2/2)
  • Quality Management and Patient Safety
  • Law and Ethics for Healthcare
  • Evidence-based Decision Making and Health Technology Assessment
  • Public Health and Epidemiology for Healthcare Managers
  • Project Management in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Facility Management and Business Support Services
  • Leadership Competences for Healthcare
Tentative Program Schedule
  1. Comparative Healthcare Systems and Financing Models (15-Sep-18)
  2. Health Politics, Policies and Healthcare Reforms (29-Sep-18)
  3. Project Management in Healthcare (20-Oct-18)
  4. Health Economics and Services Prioritization (03-Nov-18)
  5. Strategic, Service and Annual Planning for Healthcare (17-Nov-18)
  6. Financial Management for Health Executives (15-Dec-18)
  7. Human Resources Management and Workforce Planning for Healthcare (29-Dec-18)
  8. Corporate and Clinical Governance (12-Jan-19)
  9. Presentation of Theme of Project/ Case Report (26-Jan-19)
  10. Deployment of ICT for Healthcare and the Global e-Health and m-Health Movements (16-Feb-19)
  11. Quality Management and Patient Safety (09-Mar-19)
  12. Laws and Ethics for Healthcare (23-Mar-19)
  13. Evidence-based Decision Making and Health Technology Assessment (13-Apr-19)
  14. Public Health and Epidemiology for Healthcare Managers (27-Apr-19)
  15. Megatrends and Innovations in Care Delivery for Healthcare (11-May-19)
  16. Site Visit - Venue to be confirmed (25-May-19)
  17. Healthcare Facility Management and Business Support Services (08-Jun-19)
  18. Leadership Competences for Healthcare (22-Jun-19)
Viva Examination
  • Mock Examination 13 Jul 2019
  • Revision Session 27 Jul 2019
  • Viva Examination 23-24 Aug 2019
  • The above examination date are tentative subject to confirmation by College Council
Requirements for Candidates
  1. 15 Essays (500-800 words each) as answers to questions related to the topics (please submit the papers in word format with references)
  2. A Project/Case Report on Healthcare Management (5000 words) with an abstract
  3. A service improvement proposal (1000 words)
  4. Passing a Viva Examination (lasting for 45 minutes); 1,2 and 3 must be completed in order to qualify for viva examination

(English will be the medium of instruction)

Study Group Sessions
  • Venue: Hong Kong Management Association, Admiralty
  • One session for each topic
  • From 8:30 am to 12:30 on scheduled Saturdays (may occasionally overrun)
  • Three components: Main theme presentation, journal articles review (to be assigned) and case study ± team debate
  • For certain topics guest speakers will be invited (30 – 45 minutes)
Support from Colleges
  • Essential Elements for each topic
  • Reading list
  • Access to the e-Library of ACHSM and electronic version of the College Journal
  • Bulk purchase of text books
  • Assignment of Mentors who will provide guidance for business proposal and project report
  • Mock Examination before Viva Exam
Deadlines to be observed
  • Questions and assigned study materials will be sent out 10 days before the Study Group Meeting session
  • Submission of short essays 3 days before each study group session (i.e. 7 days to write up the short essay)
  • Send out of assigned presentation material 2 days before scheduled Study Group Sessions (3 candidates at a time)
  • Submission of Business Improvement Proposal – as assignment for “Strategic, Service and Annual Planning” session
  • Submission of Theme for Project/Case Report – End of February 2019
  • Submission of 1st draft of abstract of Project/Case Report – end of May
  • Submission of completed Project Management Report –End of June 2019
  • Exact dates to be announced in due course
House Rules
  • One candidate will be elected as Class representative
  • Candidates will be responsible for providing snacks/ morning tea for Study Group Sessions
  • Each candidate can only be allowed for absence from 3 out of 16 topic sessions as maximum
  • There will be a break at middle of session
  • Attention to presentation of other candidates is strongly requested
  • Candidate can only attend the Viva Exam after timely submission of all assignments and the two reports
  • Candidates can voluntarily join group lunch after each session on self-financing basis
All 2018-19 College Fellowship Application, together with the applicant’s CV, should be forwarded to the College Secretariat, Ms. Many WU, at before the close of play of 29/8/2018.